IWE: 29e Continental Centurion (100 E.M.) and/or 24 hours of Weert (English form)

zaterdag 8 juni 2019

12:00 tot 12:00 uur
dinsdag 1 januari 2019 t/m maandag 3 juni 2019
Inschrijving te annuleren tot
dinsdag 4 juni 2019
Atletiekvereniging Weert, Sportpark St.-Theunis, Parklaan 1C, NL-6006 NT Weert
minimaal 16 jaar
You can pre-register until June 3rd, 2019. Afterthen only at the start office between 10 am - 11 am..
From May 27th we charge a surcharge of € 7.50.

Cancellations can be made up to and including June 3rdm 2019, whereby we will charge a € 7.50 cancellation fee from May 27th. No reimbursement will follow after June 3rd.