IWE: 30th Continental Centurion (100 E.M.) and/or 12th 24 hours of Weert (English form)

zaterdag 27 mei 2023

12:00 tot 12:00 uur
Eef Kamerbeek Atletiek CentrumSportpark De HondsheuvelsJ.C. Dirkxpad 75631 BZ Eindhoven
minimaal 16 jaar
Date: Saturday 27 May / Sunday 28 May 2023 (=Pentecost weekend)

Start location
Eef Kamerbeek Atletiek Centrum
Sportpark De Hondsheuvels
J.C. Dirkxpad 7
5631 BZ Eindhoven

31st Continental Centurion (100 E.M.=160,934 km)
13th 24 hours of OLAT
11th 100 kilometers of OLAT
37e Kennedy walk (50 E.M.=80,467 km)
50 kilometers walking competition

The round course is low traffic, varied and fully paved.

Start times on 27 May
100 E.M. 12.00 a.m. : limit 24 hours
24 hours 12.00 a.m.
100 km 18.00 p.m.: limit 18 hours
50 E.M. 20.00 p.m: limit 16 hours
50 km 12.00 a.m.: limit 10 hours

Registration fee when registering before 15 May
(after 14 May a surcharge of EUR 7.50)
100 E.M./24 hours EUR 30.00
100 km EUR 22.00
50 E.M. EUR 20.00
50 km EUR 10.00
OLAT members: EUR 3.00; Members of a hiking Association or an Athletics Union: EUR 1.00

All participants receive a diploma with the time / distance realized.

Ages all distances minimum 16 years

Care Station:
For all distances there is a service station every lap with tea, coffee, broth, bread, fruit, etc.

General terms and conditions
Reflectors are mandatory during the night. Reflective vests can be rented or purchased at the starting desk.

It is a unique event: once a year it is possible in the Netherlands to become a Kennedy friend, Continental Centurion or Honderdman.

Continental Centurion
Anyone who completes the 100 EM (160,934 km) within 24 hours will receive the corresponding award once in the form of the 'Continental-Centurion' pin with engraved number.
Participants in the 24 hours/100 EM will receive a ranking in the final ranking according to the distance realized. If the 'Continental Centurion' requirements are met, they also classify themselves for this.
All participants receive a diploma in their name with the distance realized and end time.

Kennedy friend:
Anyone who completes the 50 EM (80,467 km) within 12 hours will receive the "Kennedy friend" pin with engraved number once.

Competition participants who cover the 100 km for the first time within the 11-hour and 30-minute requirement will receive the Athletics Union's "100 men" pin.

Contest class entrants compete for prizes available for the first three places.

All participants who succeed receive a diploma stating the achievement. Long Distance Walker and Kennedy Walker stamp cards are stamped.

You can register online until 25 May 2023 on:https://inschrijven.nl/form/2023052715348-en
As from 15 May you will pay a surcharge of EUR 7.50.