IWE: 30e Continental Centurion (100 E.M.) and/or 12e 24 hours of Weert (English form)

zaterdag 22 mei 2021

12:00 tot 12:00 uur
Atletiekvereniging Weert, Sportpark St.-Theunis, Parklaan 1C, NL-6006 NT Weert


At this moment we have not yet made a decision whether or not this event will take place due to Covid-19. We await the press conference on April 13 and then make the decision as soon as possible.

Registration will remain closed until that date.
If the event continues, the walker has more than 4 weeks to register.
Contrary to what is stated on the website, pre-registration is required.


You can pre-register from February to May 10, 2021. After that, you pay a surcharge of € 7.50